It Starts With The Dr. Pepper and Ends With The Creme Soda-Awesome Village Episode 141 (6/24/20)

Welcome back to the Village for another journey into the world of TV, Movies and Pop-culture.  This week, a Ryan-less group of Village Elders talk about the Dave Chapelle video 846 and bring you reviews of the new game shows Don’t and Jedi Temple Challenge.  We also discuss Amazon Primes’ 7500 and the new, Pete Davidson film, The King of Staten Island.  We remember Ian Holm and the career of director Joel Schumacher by composing a boxset of Schumacher films you shouldn’t miss.  All that, plus this week’s Awesome Villager.

*You can also follow these links below to purchase the movies we mention in the Joel Schumacher segment to support the channel by our Amazon Associates commission:
Lost Boys: //a%20href=
St Elmo’s Fire: //a%20href=
Flatliners: //a%20href=
Falling Down: //a%20href=
A Time To Kill: //a%20href=
The Phantom of the Opera: //a%20href=
Phonebooth: ///spana%20style=
Batman Forever:
Tigerland: //a%20href=

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