Da Butt- Awesome Village Episode 180 (4/28/21)

Ryan has returned from the mountains, grizzled and stocked with moonshine which we try throughout the episode while catching you up on what you should watch or avoid.  We give our season review of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier from Disney+.  John and Glenn review the newly released Mortal Kombat film.  Glenn gives us his review of this year’s Best Picture, Nomadland. We discuss what a long, strange trip this year’s Oscars were and we crown this week’s Awesome Villager.  So sit back, relax, and hit those like and subscribe buttons.

Who’s Coming to Your Dinner?-The Awesome Village Episode 222.2 The Awesome Village

A continuation from last week where we discuss the movies we watched and decide which ones you should spend your time on or avoid. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theawesomevillagepodcast/support
  1. Who’s Coming to Your Dinner?-The Awesome Village Episode 222.2
  2. Fecal Analogy-Awesome Village Episode 222.1 (1/25/23)
  3. The Rightful Heir-Awesome Village Special Episode (1/18/23)
  4. Title Undetermined-Awesome Village Episode 221 (1/11/23)
  5. The Tomatoes Rot From the Inside-Awesome Village Special Episode (12/28/22

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