Save the Sharks, *#@% The Dolphins-Awesome Village Episode 186 (7/14/21)

It’s Ryan’s favorite holiday, Shark Week.  As we take a break from dolphin year to focus on nature’s slack-jawed, swimming, eating machine, the Elders also sit down to discuss the things we watched to help direct your viewing time.  Glenn tell’s us about the documentary, Shark Beach and John and Ryan discuss Sophie: A Murder in West Cork.  Greg tells us about Batman: Gotham By Gaslight while Ryan revisits Luca and Boss Level.  We also bring you reviews of Tomorrow War and Good on Paper before we settle in for the main event, our review of Black Widow.  All that, plus the crowing of this week’s Awesome Villager.  You don’t want to miss a moment, so sit back, relax and smash the like and subscribe buttons wherever you find them.

Pepsi Where’s My Andor with Chris Hemsworth-Awesome Village Episode 219 (11/30/22) The Awesome Village

It’s a huge TV episode this week. We talk about the finales of Andor, Interview with the Vampire, and The Walking Dead. We also introduce you to Tulsa King and Limitless with Chris Hemsworth. All that, plus this week’s Awesome Villager. — Support this podcast:
  1. Pepsi Where’s My Andor with Chris Hemsworth-Awesome Village Episode 219 (11/30/22)
  2. He Byeet Myeee-Awesome Village Episode 218-(11/23/22)
  3. Definitive-Awesome Village Special Episode (11/16/22)
  4. Mint in the Bone-Awesome Village Episode 217 (11/9/22)
  5. Mc Boo-Awesome Village Special Episode (10/30/22)

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