After Ryan returns from vacation, we meet to discuss The Floor Is Lava on Netflix and the Starz’ adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods in its second season.  We also bring you reviews of a few movies Ryan caught up on like Knives Out, Ready or Not, Charlie’s Angels, The Hunt, You Should Have Left and he and Glenn discuss My Spy.  We go over some patriotic popcorn flicks in a battle royal to determine which movie you should watch on July 4th.  We remember Carl Reiner and we name this week’s Awesome Villager.  All that and more on this week’s visit to the village.

Welcome back to the Village for another journey into the world of TV, Movies and Pop-culture.  This week, a Ryan-less group of Village Elders talk about the Dave Chapelle video 846 and bring you reviews of the new game shows Don’t and Jedi Temple Challenge.  We also discuss Amazon Primes’ 7500 and the new, Pete Davidson film, The King of Staten Island.  We remember Ian Holm and the career of director Joel Schumacher by composing a boxset of Schumacher films you shouldn’t miss.  All that, plus this week’s Awesome Villager.

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Another visit to the village is upon us all and we have sat down to tell you what’s going on with movies and tv.  We talk about The Wall and Quiz and Amy Schumer Learns To Cook while Greg desperately pleads his case about everyone needing to watch Billions.  Ryan gives us a review of Ad Astra and Be Water while John takes on 6 Underground.  We also discuss the newly released trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music and we bring you this week’s Awesome Villager.

We are back again for another week of bringing you watch you should watch or stay away from in television and film.  We talk about the documentary, Lance, the debut of Netflix’s Space Force, HBO Max’s Love Life, the return of Press Your Luck and Doom Patrol.  Ryan also brings you a review of Sinister starring Ethan Hawke and we debut a new segment called “Elder Recommends” where we talk about other media you might want to check out.  All that, plus this week’s Awesome Villager.

In our second week back at the table, we bring you the latest on what you should spend your time watching or avoiding.  This week we talk about Dead To Me on Netflix, the debut of Amazing Stories on AppleTV+, The finale of HBO’s Run and we bring you reviews of The Lovebirds, That Guy Dick Miller and Ryan revisits Extraction from Netflix.  We also dive into news about the Snyder Cut of Justice League and we talk about how we’d retool some finales that left people with a bad taste in their mouths.  All that, plus this week’s Awesome Villager.

With our local stay at home order eased, we are able to get together for the first time in a while and sit with each other to tell you all about the things you should see in television and film. We’ll talk about Trial By Media on Netflix, the new Snowpiercer series and The Great. We also bring you a review of Extraction from Netflix. We also discuss the things we’re looking most forward to doing once everything is almost back to normal. All that, plus this week’s Awesome Villager.

Another week and we’re here to help take your mind off your troubles by talking about what you should know in television and film.  The week, we’ll discuss whether you should spend your time watching things like Hollywood on Netflix, Upload on Amazon Prime, Brockmire, I Know This Much Is True, The Last Dance, and Westworld.  We also bring you a review of the Elizabeth Banks directed Charlie’s Angels and decide who is going to be this week’s Awesome Villager.

We meet again to bring all the villagers the things they need to know to entertain themselves and it’s a big week this week.  We discuss the finale of Star Wars Clone Wars as well as give you what we think of AMC’s Creepshow and AppleTV+’s Trying.  We also review the new Seinfeld special on Netflix: 23 Hours to Kill and talk about documentaries like Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian and Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary.  We also discuss our favorite and least favorite moments of the Disney stewardship of Star Wars in honor of May 4th.  All that, plus this week’s Awesome Villager.

While stuck at home, Glenn and Greg are joined by friend of the show and Star Trek fan, Neil to have a spoiler-filled discussion on the first season of Picard.  We’ll go episode by episode and discuss what we thought of the show and what we hope to see moving into the second season.

After a long time of being referenced here on the show, our friend, Todd Berger joins us from Los Angeles to help us fill you in on what you should or shouldn’t be watching this week.  We’ll tell you about Season 2 of What We Do In The Shadows,  the first three episodes of HBO’s Run, Season 2 of Netflix’s After Life and keep you up to date on Star Wars: Clone Wars.  We also bring you our review of The Platform on Netflix and discuss some games you can play with friends while isolated.  All that, plus this week’s Awesome Villager.